what we do


Pests are prevalent throughout the year and are capable of surviving in adverse climatic conditions. It is important to note that you may be inadvertently accommodating and inviting unwanted guests into your home. Geelong Pest Control not only provides a solution for your current pest activity but also feels it is important to educate you, the homeowner, on ways to limit future pest reinfestation.


Residential Pest Control

Geelong Pest Control is highly aware of target pests and the environments in which they
frequent most.

The areas Geelong Pest Control treat range from:

  • Roof Cavity
  • Subfloor
  • Wall Cavities
  • Internal Skirtings
  • Cornices
  • Exterior wall
  • Lawns
  • Gardens
  • Fence Lines
  • Sheds
  • Clothes Lines
  • Bins
  • Patios/Pergolas
  • Decks

And everything in between and beyond!

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