Pest Control Colac

Geelong Pest Control provide a full range of pest control and termite services to homeowners and businesses in Colac and the surrounding areas. As a family owned business, we know our customer appreciate a more personal approach and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. We live our motto – Service you can Trust!

Pest Control Services in Colac

General Pest Control

Termite Treatments

Termite Treatments

Most of our residential customers in Colac book a “spider spray” or general pest treatment once a year, which covers spiders and other common crawling insects. We provide a 6-month warranty with our pest control treatments.

With termites a significant threat to buildings, most homeowners also book their annual termite inspection to be carried out at the same time as their pest control treatment, for added convenience and cost savings.

We offer a full range of termite treatments. Not only to eliminate active termites should your home come under termite attack, but to provide ongoing protection from termites. We also provide termite protection for new buildings and renovations, which need to be incorporated during construction.

For businesses, commercial premises, schools, healthcare provides and other organisations, we develop regular pest control service plans, tailored to your needs. 


Key Pests in Colac

Summers in Colac are dry and warm to hot, with the winters cold and wet. Night time temperatures below freezing during winter are common. This type of weather pattern makes summer the key pest season with spiders and ants being the key crawling pests. Flies can also be an issue (of course!) and the nearby water means mosquito numbers can be a problem in summer. European wasps are an occasional but significant safety concern. As an agricultural area, rodents can be a problem year round, although often the problem increases in winter when they come inside looking for warmth and food.


Termite Inspections and Termite Treatments

Buildings are always under threat from termite attack, although they are a lot more active in the warmer summer months. Annual termite inspections are the minimum recommended action for homeowners, which will let them know if there are any active termites in the house (!) or on the property, and whether there are any issues which may make a termite attack more likely. However, a termite treatment is strongly recommended to provide the long-term protection from termites, as termite damage is not covered in standard home insurance.


Colac – Interesting Facts

The traditional owners of the land are the Gulidjan people. European settlers first arrived in 1837, with the train station opening in 1877. Colac was originally called Lake Colac, as per the nearby lake. 

The original settler, Hugh Murray set on three sheep stations and agriculture remains a key industry today. Timber and manufacturing are other key industries, with Bulla Dairy Foods an important local employer.

The plains around Colac are the third largest volcanic plain in the world, which creates the fertile soils. Lake Corangamite, Victoria’s largest natural lake and Australia’s largest permanent salt lake, is nearby.