Termite Inspections Geelong, Surf Coast and surrounding Victoria

If you’re worried you have termites or want to book your annual termite inspection, please give Geelong Pest Control a call for a comprehensive termite inspection you can trust.

Inspecting a home for termites is not something that should be rushed! 

At Geelong Pest Control we take time to inspection every room in turn, plus the roof, any sub-floor, any out-buildings and the yard. To supplement the skills of our inspectors, we also use the latest termite detection equipment (Termatrac).

If termites are in your house or yard, we will find them!

Call Geelong Pest Control for a Professional Termite Inspection
  • Don’t disturb them further (by breaking open areas of activity)
  • Don’t spray them with insecticide.
  • Call Geelong Pest Control immediately

Disturbing or spraying the termites won’t solve the problem and will often cause them to relocate to another (often hidden) part of the building. This means when we turn up to inspect, they can be hard to locate, therefore making it difficult to determine which species is present and fully map the infestation. As a result, it can make them more difficult to control.

All our termite inspections are carried out according to Australian Standards 3660.

The inspection is designed to determine if there are…

Active termites in the buildings or yard.

Any signs of termite activity or damage on the property.

Conditions around the house or yard that may make a termite attack more likely.

Building faults / issues that may create concealed termite entry points.

The output of the inspection is a multi-page report with photographs to present the findings of the inspection and importantly make a series of recommendations to fix any issues and propose a plan to provide the long-term protection of the property.

If active termites are found during the inspection, we will discuss termite treatment options and provide a termite treatment proposal and quote.

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There are 5 key signs of termites that all homeowners should know:

Call Geelong Pest Control for a Professional Termite Inspection