Termite Treatments – Geelong, Surf Coast and surrounding Victoria

If your home is under termite attack, it can be a very emotional experience. Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

We’ll explain all your termite treatment options and our process, that guarantees termite elimination and provides protection from future termite attacks.

When your home needs protection from termites, it’s important to choose a termite professional you can trust – experienced, fully licensed and insured, a company that puts the customer first. That’s Geelong Pest Control!

For guaranteed termite elimination and long-term termite protection
  • Don’t disturb them further (by breaking open areas of activity)
  • Don’t spray them with insecticide.
  • Call Geelong Pest Control immediately

Disturbing or spraying the termites won’t solve the problem and will often cause them to relocate to another (often hidden) part of the building. Which means when we turn up to inspect, they can be hard to locate, therefore making it difficult to determine which species is present and fully map the infestation. As a result, it can make them more difficult to control.

Like termite inspections, our termite treatments need to be carried out according to Australian Standards 3600.2. 


Termite inspection

A comprehensive termite inspection is required before carrying out a termite treatment. This is especially important as it maps all areas of activity and termite entry points into the building – the key areas that need to be monitored as the treatment progresses.

Often a termite check or quick inspection is carried out in order to assess the situation to provide the quote and termite treatment proposal. If this is the case, a full termite inspection needs to be completed before the treatment starts.


Termite treatment proposal

Once we’ve discussed your treatment options and you’ve decided on the way forward, we need to have a signed treatment proposal. This is a very important document. Not only does it make sure you have all the details on the treatment and a full understanding of the process, but it’s a requirement of Australian Standards and our insurance company, which makes sure you are protected.


Eliminate active termites from the building

The first stage of any termite treatment is to eliminate the active termites from the building. Once we have confirmed they have been eliminated we install an appropriate termite management system.

Whilst we always try and find the colony attacking the home, this isn’t always possible (as they are often hidden underground). That is why the installation of a termite management system is necessary to provide the long-term protection from termites.


Long-term termite protection – install a termite management system

There are two types of termite management system that can provide the long-term protection from termites:

  • Liquid termiticide treatment to the soil around (and under) the house
  • The installation of a termite baiting / monitoring system

Our preferred termite treatment is to apply liquid termiticide to the soil (Termidor), as it is the leading product on the market, delivering proven performance over many years – we don’t take any risks when protecting your property.

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For guaranteed termite elimination and long-term termite protection