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Geelong Pest Control provide a full range of pest control and termite services across the Greater Geelong Council area, including the town of Lara. With technicians based nearby, we can provide prompt services to homeowners and business in the town.

Pest Control Services in Lara

Most homeowners in Lara opt for a once-a-year pest control treatment. Although many customers call it a “spider spray”, it covers a number of crawling insect pests. For homeowners, annual termite inspections are a must and homeowners can combine their pest treatment with their termite inspection in the same services for added convenience and a discount. As termite damage is not covered by standard home insurance, homeowners are wise to consider a termite treatment to provide the long-term protection from termites.

For businesses in Lara, Geelong Pest Control can provide regular commercial pest control service plans, tailored to your needs.

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Key Pests in Lara

The region is one of the driest in southern Victoria due to the rain shadow created by the Otway Ranges, with Lara receiving just over 400 mm of rain each year. (Melbourne has an average rainfall of 649 mm). As a general rule pests love moisture, so the drier conditions do impact the pest pressure in the area.

The common pests in Lara are spiders, ants and cockroaches, with rodents becoming a problem during the colder months. European wasps can also be a serious safety concern, especially in Autumn when their nests reach their maximum size. Like most of Australia, termites are present and are an ongoing concern for homeowners.

Most homeowners opt for a once a year general pest control treatment, which covers all the main crawling and comes with a 6-month warranty. We also offer a range of specialist pest control treatments if you have a specific pest problem or a major infestation.

Termite Inspections and Termite Treatments

Although conditions are generally dry in Lara and termites prefer lots of moisture, they still a threat to buildings in Lara, even more so if there are leaks around the building or gardens that are regularly watered. Annual termite inspections are essential and termite treatments for long term protection are strongly recommended.

Insecticide treatments to the soil to create a “termite barrier” are the recommended termite treatment for most properties, as the provide the best value treatment and long-lasting protection. In certain circumstances (due to soil type or building construction) termite monitoring and baiting systems may be a suitable alternative.

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Lara – Interesting facts

  • The explorers arrived at what is now known as Lara in 1824, although originally it was called Kennedy’s Creek. It was renamed several times before coming Lara in 1884.
  • The town is now a significant regional town, with a population of nearly 20,000. As well as industrial areas, it houses to prisons on its outskirts.
  • The town’s railway station opened in 1857 and provides a fast connection to Geelong and Melbourne for commuters.
  • Several scenes from the original Mad Max movie were filmed around Lara.
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