Pest Control Bellarine Peninsula

Geelong Pest Control offer a full range of pest control and termite services across the Bellarine Peninsula, including the suburbs of :

Pest Control Services across the Bellarine Peninsula

  • Barwon Heads
  • Bellarine
  • Clifton Springs
  • Curlewis
  • Drysdale
  • Leopold
  • Ocean Grove
  • Portarlington
  • St. Leonards
Protect Your Home and Business from Pests

Our core services include residential pest control, commercial pest control, termite inspections and termite treatments. We also offer a range of specialist pest control treatments for specific pest problems.

Pest Control Bellarine

Most homeowners opt for a once a year general pest control treatment, which covers all the main crawling and comes with a 6-month warranty. We also offer a range of specialist pest control treatments if you have a specific pest problem or a major infestation.

Termite Services

Termites represent a significant and ever present threat to homes in Victoria. With termite damage not covered by standard home insurance, having a termite management plan to protect your home is essential. A termite management plan consists of regular termite inspections and a termite treatment to provide long term protection.

Termite Inspections Bellarine

Annual termite inspections are the minimum recommended action that all homeowners should take to protect their home from termites. To back up the experience of our termite inspectors, we also use the latest termite detection equipment (Termatrac) to give our customers (and ourselves!) that we have completed a comprehensive inspection.

The termite inspection will not only find signs of termite activity and damage on the property but will identify potential issues that may increase the risk of a termite attack.

Termite Treatments Bellarine

To provide long termite protection from termites, it is important homes have termite protection. Most new homes will have termite protection installed during construction. But older homes, or homes where the protection system has been compromised, will need a termite treatment to provide ongoing protection.

Termite treatments can either consist of a treatment to the soil around and under the building (for a sub-floor), or the installation of a termite baiting system. From our experience, we find that treating the soil around the building, effectively creating a termite barrier, provides the highest level of termite protection.

Commercial Pest Control Bellarine Peninsula

For business and organisations across the Bellarine Peninsula, we offer a range of commercial pest control packages. Typically, this will involve regular pest control servicing to keep your premises pest free. We will design a tailored package to meet your particular requirements.

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Bellarine Peninsula – Interesting facts and key pests

  • The traditional owners of the Bellarine Peninsula are the Wadawurrung nation
  • The first settlers arrived in the 1835 and by 1850, the Bellarine Peninsula had become a major wheat producing area
  • With its improved transport infrastructure, the peninsula became an option for Melbourne commuters and led to a great increase in population due to “Seachange” phenonenon. Indeed, the SeaChange televisions series was filmed at Barwon Heads on the peninsula.
  • The Bellarine peninsula has a mild climate, generally cool in the summer but mild in the winter. It can always get the cold southerlies! As a coastal area it gets increased rainfall, with late Autumn and Spring having the peak rainfall months.
  • The mild climate means the pests are always present without really exploding (as they can in periods of hot weather). The good rainfall provides ideal conditions for spiders and insects to breed. Spiders and crawling insects are an issue from Spring to Autumn. Mosquitoes can be an issue around the lake and wetlands areas. Termites are an ever present threat to homes. Rodents tend to become more of an issue in the cooler months.
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