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Geelong Pest Control provide a full range of pest control and termite services in Highton. With technicians based nearby, we can provide prompt services to homeowners and business.

Pest Control Services in Highton

Most homeowners in Highton opt for a once-a-year “spider spray”. However, it’s more than a spider spray, it covers a number of crawling insect pests, including ants and spiders. We also offer a range of specialist pest control treatments.

As termite damage is not covered by standard home insurance, homeowners need to have annual termite inspections to make sure their home is free from termites and a long lasting termite treatment to provide long termite protection is highly recommended.

For businesses and organisations in Highton, Geelong Pest Control can provide regular commercial pest control service plans.

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Key Pests in Highton

As a suburban area, the common pests in Highton are the typical city pests – spiders, ants and cockroaches, with rodents becoming a problem during the colder months. Areas near to the Barwon River can also have some mosquito problems. Although it’s a built up area, homes in Highton are still under threat from termite attack, with the surrounding bush areas providing a ready supply of termite queens looking to set up a new home!

Termite Inspections and Termite Treatments

Annual termite inspections are essential to check for signs of termite activity and spot any issues or conditions around the building that may make a termite attack more likely. A termite treatment will provide the long term protection from termites.

Geelong Pest Control recommend a Termidor treatment to the soil around and under homes in Highton as it is the leading product on the market with proven performance over many years.

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Highton – Interesting facts and key pests

  • The suburb of Highton was named after John Highett who build his house on a hill overlooking the Barwon River. The property later became the Montpellier vineyard.
  • The area was primarily a farming area, including vineyards and orchards. Residential developments began in the 1950s.
  • The north and east of the suburb is bounded by the Barwon River and to the west by bush. Coupled with the plentiful reserves within the suburb, there are plenty of excellent pest breeding sites! (Especially for termites, spiders and mosquitoes)
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