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Professional ant control treatments are really the only way to get rid of ants and prevent them coming back.

The key objective in ant control is to keep ants out of the building and supermarket products just aren’t up to the job. At Geelong Pest Control we use a combination of specialist ant products and our knowledge of the various ant species to eliminate the ant problem and exclude ants from re-entering for many months.

For a lasting solution to your ant problem call the ant experts at Geelong Pest Control.

To get rid of annoying ants

The majority of our calls on ants are to get rid of ants from inside the house (or business). 

Our treatments follow a 4-step process:


Identify the species of ant and then try and locate the nest. 


Treat areas of activity (ant trails and nest, if located)


Carry out a perimeter treatment around the building and ant entry points.


Eliminate ant nests inside the house by using ant bait.

Our Professional Ant Spray

At Geelong Pest Control we can access professional, specialist ant products, that aren’t available in supermarkets or hardware stores. These sprays are non-repellent – the ants walk across the treated surface, pick up the insecticide and die. However, the ants don’t die immediately… and this is important. It means that ants coated in insecticide pass on some of the insecticide to other ants when they come into contact, magnifying its effect. In some circumstances this transfer effect can eliminate the nest.

How do ant baits work?

Ant baits are a great product for eliminating ant nests, especially when the nest cannot be located. This is often the case when the ant nest maybe inside wall voids or roof cavities. Ant baits tap into the ant’s natural behaviours, leading to their own demise.

Ants are made up of an attractive food material and slow acting insecticide. Foraging ants find the bait and take it back to the nest where it is fed to their nest mates, including the larvae and queen, eliminating the nest. By killing the queen, no more eggs are produced, and the nest dies. Ant baits need to be slow acting so it can be taken back to the nest and spread around the colony before the ants realise something is wrong. Although ant baits have an impact within 24 hours, it can often take up to a week to completely kill the nest.

The two key pest ants in Victoria are the Argentine ant and coastal brown ant (also known as big-headed ant). Argentine ants will often make their nests close to the surface in garden beds and coastal brown ants will make their nests underground in lawns and pavers, digging up dirt. Both are invasive ants (they aren’t native) and have similar characteristics that make them very annoying pests. 

They create “super colonies” made up of numerous nest and multiple queens. As result, they can take over whole neighbourhoods and it is virtually impossible to eliminate the nest. 

The best way to deal with these ants is through “ant management” – use specialist ant sprays to reduce the ant numbers and keep the ants out of the house. Often this means regular ant treatments are required (generally once a year).

Argentine ants
Argentine ants are also a garden pest as they “farm” mealy bugs

Coastal brown ants digging up dirt in pavers
Coastal brown ants dig up dirt between pavers

What to expect from our ant treatments?

Our ant treatments will have a big impact on ant numbers within 24 hours. But it can take a bit longer for the treatment to completely get on top of the problem, especially if we need to use ant baits to eliminate the ant nest causing the problem. 

All our ant treatments come with a 6-month warranty.

If you are in an area with major invasive ant problems, it is likely regular ant treatments will be required, as even if ant numbers are reduced after a treatment, they will eventually re-invade from surrounding areas.

What our customers say

To get rid of annoying ants

How to prevent ant problems…

Ants sometimes often they come inside looking for food or moisture. By removing sources of food and moisture you will make your home less attractive to ants. Cleaning up food spills and dirty dishes, and not leaving uneaten petfood out are key actions.

Filling any cracks around windows, doors and utility pipes to prevent ants entering the building. 

Argentine ants, which are a major problem in Victoria like nesting in garden beds under mulch. As such, it’s best to avoid having dense garden beds against the house. With mulch and watering, it is an ideal environment for Argentine ants. Garden beds using pebbles as mulch, plants in pots and no watering system, are a far better option.