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For professional pest control and termite services in Torquay contact the experts at Geelong Pest Control, for service you can trust. Homeowners can protect their home from termites and their family from pests, with our guaranteed treatments and services. We also provide full range of pest control to businesses and organisations, allowing them to protect their reputation and their customers.

Pest Control Services in Torquay

Most homeowners opt for our general pest control treatment to keep their home free from pests. Our treatment covers the common crawling pests such as spiders, large cockroaches, ants, earwigs and millipedes, and comes with a 6-month warranty.

However, to protect a home from termites, it’s vital to have a termite management plan (as termite damage is not covered by normal home insurance). Annual termite inspections are an essential part of this plan. Having the inspection carried out at the same time as our general pest treatment, is not only convenient but our customers benefit from a small discount too!

Termite Inspection Torquay

Although Torquay and indeed the whole Surf Coast have no “termite declared” areas (according to council), this is just nonsense. We deal with homes that have been badly damaged by termites every day, so homeowners need to take termite protection seriously. With termites capable of causing significant damage in as little as 6 months, termite inspections at least annually, are a must for homeowners in Torquay. Termite inspection do more than just check for termite activity and damage, they will also identify any issues or construction faults that may increase the risk of a future termite attack.

Termite Treatment Torquay

Termite inspections provide a snapshot of the current “termite status” of your property, but it doesn’t actually stop a termite attack. To protect your property from termites it is important to have the necessary termite protection measures. Often, the termite protection installed at the time of construction is no longer sufficient and so a termite treatment termite treatment is required. Geelong Pest Control recommend termiticide treatments to the soil around and under homes in Geelong to create a treated zone, sometimes called a “termite barrier”. We only use quality branded products, with our main product being Termidor.

Commercial Pest Control Torquay

Geelong Pest Control provide pest control services to a range of businesses and organisations. In Torquay, being a key tourism hotspot, businesses involved in the hospitality industry (hotels and restaurants) need to keep their establishments free from pests. We tailor our commercial pest control programs to the needs of our clients and apart from keeping their establishment pest free, we ensure they remain compliant with any health and safety regulations.

Protect Your Home and Business from Pests

Key Pests in Torquay

The weather in Torquay is mild all year round, with fairly even level or rainfall across the year. This makes it an ideal environment for pests, which don’t get killed off by cold winters, which can be the case in inland areas.

Spiders and ants are probably the key nuisance pests for homeowners, with businesses more focused on cockroaches and rodents. There can be mosquito and biting midge issues along Spring Creek. Pest start to increase in spring (starting with spiders), with peak pest numbers in late summer and Autumn. Although the winters aren’t particularly cold, the lower temperatures will drive rodents indoors looking for warmth and shelter, making the cooler months, “rodent season”.

Although termites do slow down a bit during winter, they are a threat all year round. Homeowners always need to be vigilant and with the surrounding areas of bush, there is always a plentiful supply of new termite queens looking for a place to start a nest year year.

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Ballarat – Interesting facts

  • The traditional owners of the land Torquay is situated on are the Wadawurrung people.
  • Although Europeans regularly visited the area from the 1860s, but it wasn’t officially named as Torquay until 1892. 
  • Torquay is renowned for its beaches, especially the famous surf beaches – Bells Beach and Jan Juc. As a result, many of the famous surf brands have a significant presence in Torquay. Not surprisingly Torquay is the biggest town on the Surf Coast.
  • The Torquay economy is primarily based on tourism and surfing.
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