Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspections

Building and pest inspections are essential if you’re thinking of buying a house. They provide vital information on the condition of the property that may impact your purchase decision. When you’re making one of the biggest investment decisions of your life, it’s important to get professional and comprehensive inspections from a company you can trust. 

We always recommend that buyers should get separate building and pest inspections – not only is it important to get specialists who are experts in their field (separate building and timber pest experts), it means you have two sets of eyes inspecting your property rather than one, ensuring nothing is missed! 

If you engage Geelong Pest Control for your pre-purchase timber pest inspection, importantly we work for you as the buyer and not the real estate agent. As a result, we take our time to complete our inspections and won’t be rushed, so you get comprehensive inspection reports you can trust.

For pre-purchase timber pest inspections you can trust

A pre-purchase pest inspection agreement is required…

Pre-purchase inspection agreements need to be signed before we carry out a pre-purchase pest inspection. This is a standard requirement by insurance companies, and it ensures you have a full understanding of what is and isn’t included in a pre-purchase inspection.

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections are VISUAL inspections

As the person booking the inspection (the buyer) is not the owner of the home, we are not allowed to move items or damage surfaces and we are reliant on the owner to allow us access to all areas of the house and property. Whereas we do use termite detection equipment, it is still only a visual inspection. If we cannot access all areas of the property, we will let you know in the report and recommend a further inspection once access has been granted.

Buyer Beware!

Whereas sometimes limited access to an area is unavoidable or access is blocked accidentally, sometimes owners will block access to an area on purpose to prevent inspectors uncovering known issues! Pay particular attention if a report notes that access was not possible to specific area.

All our pre-purchase pest inspections are carried out according to Australian Standards 4349. 

The inspection is designed to determine if there are…

Active timber pests (termites, borers or wood decay) in the buildings or yard

Any signs of timber pest activity or damage on the property

Construction issues or conditions around the house or yard that may make timber pest issues more likely.

Evidence of previous termite treatments

The output of the inspection is a multi-page report with photographs to present the findings of the inspection and importantly make a series of recommendations to fix any issues and propose a plan to provide the long-term protection of the property. This information can then be used to inform a decision on whether to proceed with the purchase and in any negotiations with the seller.

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