Pest Control Solutions in Lara & Armstrong Creek

If your property has an infestation, it is always best to consult a professional for pest control services. Here at Geelong Pest Control, our technicians have a wealth of experience behind them to deliver personalised treatment and prevention solutions to residents throughout Lara, Armstrong Creek, and the greater suburbs of Geelong.

How Geelong Pest Control can help

If you suspect your home might be infested, especially with termites, it is imperative that you contact skilled technicians to conduct an inspection as soon as possible. Otherwise, the damage that is caused to your home might not always be covered by your insurance, leaving you greatly out of pocket.


Despite their small size, termites can leave a big impact on your property. They are incredibly hard to detect, given their nature to travel below ground, meaning most people only notice their presence once they notice the damage created. Only by quickly consulting a professional technician can you hope for successful eradication and prevention.


There isn’t one particular time of year where your home is at risk of infestation. Pests can set up shop in your home in even the most extreme weather conditions, leaving a need for constant vigilance. Our technicians can provide effective treatment solutions to help eradicate your uninvited guests, as well as deliver sound advice on how to reduce the likelihood of similar issues in the future.


With the increased foot traffic around a workplace, as well as the likelihood of food being consumed, commercial properties are also at risk of suffering from infestation. If you own a petrol station, restaurant, café, factory, aged care facilities, or anything else you suspect is infested, our technicians are ready to help.


Once the concrete preparation of your project is complete, be sure to seek out termite prevention treatment before you begin construction. You will then have a physical and chemical protection system in place to defend your new property against termite invaders.


No matter what type of residential property you live in, whether it be a single or double storey house, a squat unit or lavish apartment in Armstrong Creek, or a town house or sweeping farmland in Lara, you are at risk of infestation. The good news is: we can help.

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Our pest control solutions are available to those throughout Armstrong Creek, Lara, Bannockburn, Colac, and the wider Geelong suburbs. Learn more or book today by calling 1300 147 378, or fill out our online enquiry form.