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Pests are prevalent throughout the year and are capable of surviving in adverse climatic conditions. It is important to note that you may be inadvertently accommodating and inviting unwanted guests into your home. Geelong Pest Control not only provides a solution for your current pest activity but also feels it is important to educate you, the homeowner, on ways to limit future pest reinfestation.



Red Backs, White Tails, Huntsman, Daddy Long Legs, Melbourne Trap Door and many more. We effectively rid your home of these pests and repel them from

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returning by concentrating on major problem areas such as: (Roof voids, subfloors, wall cavities, skirtings, cornices, exterior wall, lawns, gardens, sheds, fence lines, clothes lines, bins and garage.


Ants can become a huge problem for many homes. They will typically be doing one of two things:

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(1) Be passing by and just feed on the odd treat you leave out, or
(2) get comfortable and take over your whole home! They take over by entering wall cavities, subfloors or roof cavities and enter through any crack or crevice and can even short out your electrical devices including your main power! We use a mixture of repellant and non-repellant products to handle this very difficult pest.

Earwigs, Millipedes, Centipedes

We rid your home of these pests by using a mixture of techniques from our spider and ant treatment.

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These are covered in our crawling insect treatment.


Fleas are another difficult pest to deal with for many families, but not for our GPC team! Don’t waste your time and money, not to mention sleepless nights dealing with this

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pest as they can grow in numbers rapidly. We use a mixture of Insect Growth Regulators (IGR) and repellant products to rid your home of this pest both internally and externally. We also have advice for products for your pet, which can usually be the source of the problem.

Feral Pests

Geelong Pest Control has experience with a diverse range of Feral Pests in both residential and commercial environments, such as:

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Non Native birds (Feral pigeons, Indian Mina, Sparrows, Starlings)

Call Geelong Pest Control to find out what scenarios we can assist with your Non Native feral pest problems.


Although mosquitoes aren’t evident for very long periods in large numbers, they can literally take over your whole property and make it near impossible to enjoy being

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outdoors. Our GPC team use a petrol powered backpack that not only blows air to agitate the foliage surrounding your home, but applies a product that sticks to the under leaf where they commonly breed and kills them on contact and also acts as a repellant to keep them away for those unbearable months.


Our GPC team use a petrol-powered backpack that not only blows air but also drip feeds a product in the path of the air that creates a mist that sticks to all surfaces

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surrounding your commercial or residential property to repel and knock down numbers dramatically.


The European Wasp is a territorial insect and can often create nests out of paper like material such as newspaper and cardboard they then use their saliva to create

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elaborate chambers, or they will create burrows in soil or garden beds. If we are being completely honest as technicians, it is our most feared pest that we deal with, as they’re known to spray a pheromone on you to communicate to the other wasps to attack! And attack they will!


Please be aware that Geelong Pest Control recommend local bee keepers to assist with bees, as we also understand the importance of bees for our future.

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Feel free to contact us and we’ll happily recommend a local bee keeper.


Brush Tail and Ring Tail Possums are a very docile native animal to Australia. Possums are a protected species in Australia and need to be handled with great care.

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Geelong Pest Control will only control possums when they enter the dwelling, such as roof voids or subfloors. Our approach is to conduct a full site inspection, looking for entry points, we will then proof all but one entry point and fasten a one way door to allow the possum to leave, then when the door closes behind them and you hear no noises for at least a few days, we will return and block that entry point. We have other methods which are also highly effective and safe for the possum.


Rats are prolific climbers and have an incredible ability to gain access into even the tightest of gaps. 12mm is not too much of an ask for a rat to gain access to your home,

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we call this the “rule of thumb” to give our clients an idea of how they can wriggle through most gaps. At GPC we use a mixture of techniques including baits, powders, bait stations and general proofing recommendations. It is extremely important to be mindful of the damage rats can cause to wiring, insulation, plaster, insulation and plumbing just to name a few.


Mice only need a 5mm-6mm gap to gain entry to your home. Don’t waste your time and money on over the counter products as this pest will grow in numbers rapidly and

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can cause considerable damage to your home if left alone for long enough. At GPC we use a mixture of techniques including baits, powders, bait stations and general proofing recommendations. . It is extremely important to be mindful of the damage rats can cause to wiring, insulation, plaster, insulation and plumbing just to name a few.